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    I am hopefully going to be building a workbench within the next couple of months and was wondering what type of wood you all have had the most success with.

    I was a restoration type store a few weeks ago and they had a number of bowling alley’s that you could buy by the foot. According to the owner of the store they are mostly maple. They are 2 to 3 inches thick (if I remember correctly).

    Any comments on purchasing something like this? One of the main considerations would be that it is a top that is already assembled and I think the likelihood of the strips separating would be minimal.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Workbench Top

    It is very attractive to have a workbench top with a minimum amount of stripes, but in your case I would consider first the style of workbench you are planning to make, with that decision in mind you can decide the dimensions of the top

  • rlmarsh
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    I like a work bench that is made of the softer woods they don’t damage your work.



  • Antonio
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    Workbench top

    When I refered to style of workbench to make, I was addressing the different things to consider when in this task. On the first place, to be considered is the application of the work bench, is going on to be used for power tools, hand tools or both.  Second point to focus, work holding, are going to be vises, dog holes or holdfasts, considered in your design? Facts such as whether the wood is light or dark affect the way you could see your work if the shop is dark.

    But at the end maple is a good species to work your top, my message is that even though maple is a very desirable wood to have, look at other variables before starting the project



  • MaxJPind
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    Bowling Alley sections would make an incredible workbench top, but you should know that most bowling alleys actually use hard maple for only the 1st 10-20 feet or so of the lane, the rest is usually pine the rest of the way down. I would think that either one would work well for a top but it’s something you should definitely consider if they are letting you get the first pick of the bunch :)

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