boring tool for 3mm hole in 4mm ash

//boring tool for 3mm hole in 4mm ash
boring tool for 3mm hole in 4mm ash2016-01-15T00:50:47+00:00
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    I’m looking for a hand tool that can make 3mm holes in 4mm thick ash.  What would you recommend?

    thank you

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  • James Wright
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    I have a set of hex head drill bits that I use for most small holes. I also have a friend with Forstner bits that he can put into his brace.

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    So that can I understand what you want, you want to put a 3 mm hole in 4 mm stock. Leaving a half mm on each side of the hole.

    Are you planing on doing this with a hand drill or a drill press? I will tell you the best drill bits, are the brad points from Lee Valley. Their drill bits have a lip, that cut a cleaner hole. With that tight tolerance, I would probably drill some practice pieces first.


    Lee Valley

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