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    What brand of wood files are folks using.   I have picked up many of my files at flea markets and garage sales and while they are generally good I would like to see if there are sets out there I should be considering purchasing.

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    Old Craftsman, Harbor Freight junk, Auriou hand-forged, Bahco saw files….

    The list goes on and on. Most of us, I think, use a hodge-podge of files. For my wood shaping needs, I use Auriou files and rasps. For everything else, I usually use a much less expensive option.

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    I also just have a hodgepodge of files I have collected over the years. I tend to keep my higher end ones in the garage and cheaper ones for the woodshop since (and I know I might catch some flak for this) even cheap files are hardened well enough for using with wood.


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