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    Mike in TN
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    Come on guys, no jokes please. This tool stuff is serious business.
    The tool just needed a little de-rusting and a little sharpening to make it work well. I sharpened the cutting flutes and the reamer edge and then oiled it down a little. I think it might be useful for chair leg sockets but if anyone else has any good suggestions for use let me know.

    Have fun.




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  • James Wright
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    That is cool! is there a blade running up the reaming section? almost worth becoming a cooper just to try it out!


    • Mike in TN
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      Hi James,

      Hope you and yours are doing well in the holiday season,. There is no separate blade. There is cutout in the side of the tapered area. the edge of the groove and the outer surface of the taper forms the cutting edge. The tapered area is not completely round but is shaped so that the cutting edge is prominent.

      Have fun

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