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    Has anyone made the Moravian workbench? I’ve been thinking about making another bench. Started with the Sellers bench, which has been good but it was the first thing I ever made, and have changed work methods. I think I want a flush mounted vise. I have only used a record style vise mounted proud. Have no experience with a flush mounted vise or the leg style vise. I do like its portable. I live in an apartment and will eventually move. Guess I could make one of the leg style vises like it has and just use my iron vise as a tail vise. I was thinking a Klauss scandanavian style but this one seems like a simpler build.

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    I found it hard to decide which vise configuration to use as well.  So I am taking the trial and error approach.

    I am in the middle of making my Moravian Bench, using Will Myers’ guide as a starting point.

    Initially I am going with a pipe clamp based leg vise, but leave enough room on the end (outside the leg) for a record style vise.

    I like the idea of the wagon vise, but won’t add it until it’s needed.


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    Was wondering been wanting to build this workbench because I don’t have a big space for a shop has anyone built one yet and how do you like it.

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