My very first project.

//My very first project.
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    Ryan Rose
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    This is my very first woodwork project. Im building a shelf to hold cordless drills, circular saw, and jigsaw. It will also have a shelf for battery charging. Im in the process of turning my garage into a shop, so organization is important. This is one side. There will be a radius along the top, and i plan on using a antique molding plane on the edges just for the heck of it.


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  • Ryan Rose
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    The shelf is almost done. I still need to add the back, sand, an if i decide to finsh it. Im not using glue , screws, or nails. Im going to pin it with dowls. Right now the friction from the datos are the only thing holding it together.



  • BFgeronimo
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    Looks good and nice design. I like your router. Just a suggestion, over time you might find the shelves working loose if you just use dowels. I would use wood glue as well. There is nothing “Cheating” about this. While a lot of Japanese woodwork uses intricate joinery that needs no glue, most western woodworking uses it.


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  • Ryan Rose
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    Thanks for the advice. Ironically I made this with hand tools only. I love that little router plane, but it left black marks on the wood so i wiped down the sole with paint stripper and that seemed to stop it.

  • Ryan Rose
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    I did end up gluing the shelves into the datos.  And pinned with two dowels per shelf.  I still need to figure out the back.  I don’t have anything big enough to cover it.  I may end up gluing and pinning several 1×4’s together to create the back.


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    Hi Ryan,

    I would use 1×6 boards for the back. You will use fewer boards that way. Use either shiplap or tongue and grove for joinery. Put a couple cut nails through the back, into each shelf. It will take the shelves stronger. A nice way to hide the seam between boards is a small side bead, it will look a lot nicer.

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