Nic Westerman Class at Lie-Nielson

//Nic Westerman Class at Lie-Nielson
Nic Westerman Class at Lie-Nielson2015-10-24T08:31:52+00:00
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    Carl Rogers
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    I recently took a class at Lie-Nielson over the fourth of July. It was their first time offering a Blacksmithing class. They Had Nic Westerman of England who makes carving knives for them come over and they outfitted a shop just for this class. Over the course of two days we made a set of Tongs, a Fullering Hammer, and a Forged Chisel. They were long and hard days but well worth the time and small cost to go there.

    I would recommend to anyone thinking of going there to absolutely go. Lie-Nielson does not disappoint.




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