Shellac and Alcohol Mixing Ratios

//Shellac and Alcohol Mixing Ratios
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    Hey all,

    I wrote a short article on how to mix shellac at my blog.  It covers the method of determining how much shellac to add to your alcohol for any given amount of mixed shellac.  I know there are charts on the internet, but traditional woodworkers should be able to do the calculation without having Google at their fingertips.

    Here’s the basics:

    1 lb. cut shellac = 1/8 oz. shellac flake / 1 fl. oz. alcohol

    2 lb. cut shellac = 1/4 oz. shellac flake / 1 fl. oz. alcohol

    For the metric system, “lb. cut” doesn’t make any sense.  Thus it’s a solids:liquid ratio based on liters.

    1 lb. cut is roughly equivalent to 120 g. / L.

    2 lb. cut is roughly equivalent to 240 g. / L.

    120 g./L shellac = .12 g. / mL

    240 g./L shellac = .24 g./mL.

    Your shellac does not need to be perfectly measured.  “Close enough” is perfect.

    Hope this helps you out!

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