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    I’m looking for a good user quality Tenon Saw in the 12-14″ range. I don’t really care about brand or age, I just need something that will work without spending a lot.



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      eBay has a ton of them, but what looks like a good price to start will typically shoot up in the last minute. I have picked up two decent back saws for good prices though, so keep trying.  Just be sure to have a limit in place, and don’t get caught up in the “I have to win this auction” mentality that has you spending a lot more than you need to.

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    • Ken
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      I’ve been looking on eBay a lot for one, but like you said the price sky rockets at the last minute, usually far above my limit.

    • Anonymous
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      Flea Markets

      I’ve had a lot of luck at flea markets. Most of the saws that I’ve found there are probably from old miter boxes, but I’ve found several larger saws with nice heavy backs on them for three dollars or so. My advise is to get a couple of saws and then learn to sharpen them properly, even if they’re cheap saws. If you can turn something from crosscut to rip tooth or vise versa, then at least you can make a saw do what you want. Be content with removing a little rust, too. I’ve found lots of great tools under the rust. All I can say is that its fun, and it was a good way for me to get started. I’m far from a master, though.

    • AndrewLeslie
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      ebay always gives me that problem. You want the object, and you only have to bid a little more, and before you know it, it’s twice the price you wanted to spend, and you still lose.

      Which is why I only search for items with “buy now” as an option. Some items even let you suggest a price, if you think the current price is too high, or maybe even too low.

      ebay’s great (and so are flea markets) since, a lot of the time, the tools need to be spruced up. That makes a great fun project, even on its own!

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