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    Mike in TN
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    Hey all,

    I already know that EBay has some plow plane blades, but I would prefer to by through the forum if possible or maybe work out a trade. I have a couple of wooden plow planes and would love to have additional blades for them if anyone has any spares. A full set would be best but they don’t have to be from the same manufacturer. I am interested in using them more than collecting them.

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  • Crank
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    Mike, have you found any plough blades?

    I might have some options, I am learning about them.

    It is not quite as simple as buying a set! (I learned the hard way!)

    • Mike in TN
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      Hi Crank,

      I haven’t found any yet. What kind of issues have you had ? I thought that they were pretty well standardized for the wooden planes with the biggest issue being angles of the taper but that would only mean having to make new wedges to match the angles.

      Have fun

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