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    Looking for a usable router plane; not interested in its looks as long as it works properly. Would even consider several “parts” planes that could be combined into one usable one.

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  • Jacob Dubail
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    I’ve had great luck on ebay searching for such tools.

    If you’re not into ebay, I like http://hyperkitten.com/tools/ForSale/Tools_FS.php, but he only updates the listings once a month, and the tools that are listed are pretty different each month.

    Jim Bode tools also appears to have a lot of nice stuff: http://www.jimbodetools.com/Planes-c3/ I’ve never bought from him, so can’t comment on the experience.

    Good luck!

  • Bill
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    You could also make one for about $15-20. Check out John Wilson’s book Making Wood Tools 2ed. You can get a kindle version of the book for about $11, or hardcover for around $40.

  • Bill
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    You can also try Paul Sellers’ poor man’s router plane.  It’s basically a chisel mounted in a wooden block. Simple, but it works.




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