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The workshop school is finished, and I’m now building furniture & filming traditional woodworking DVDs, but I’m still working to build workbenches & acquire more tools for classes. If you’re interested in donating hand tools to the school, please contact me here.


Here’s a series of 6 videos showing the progress of my renovation, as I transformed a huge RV garage into my dream workshop and the new Wood and Shop Traditional Woodworking School:


I’ve already received commitments from some well-known traditional woodworkers who are excited to teach at the new school. We’ll be offering a wide range of classes, from building workbenches to building tools, to building historic furniture. My farm sits at the edge of beautiful woods where students can also take classes that focus on green woodworking with logs.


If you’re interested in taking classes at the Wood and Shop Traditional Woodworking School, fill out the below form (make sure to scroll down the form):

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What better place to learn how to build historical furniture with antique hand tools than in the very same area where many of the American founding fathers kindled the flames of democracy? Just 30 minutes to the southeast, Thomas Jefferson laid the foundation for the Declaration of Independence and built an American landmark: Monticello. Practically next door to Monticello is James Monroe’s farm, Ash Lawn-Highland (one of my favorites). Just 30 minutes to the northeast James Madison formed the ideas for the American constitution at his famous Montpelier farm . Two hours to the east is Colonial Williamsburg and 45 minutes to the west is the Frontier Culture Museum. All around this area the Revolutionary war and Civil wars were fought to galvanize the new American republic. The Shenandoah National Park is also about 30 minutes away. And the historic downtown Charlottesville area (15 minutes away) will be a highlight of your trip. Make sure you plan some extra time to visit these historic landmarks!


The school is conveniently located in historic Albemarle County, a convenient distance from Washington D.C., Richmond, Philadelphia, New York, and even North Carolina. Charlottesville also has an Amtrak Station if you want to travel from New York or New England (and rent a car here).

My workshop and farm is only 7 minutes away from the Charlottesville airport, for anyone who wants to fly in to take classes. I’ve found that the Charlottesville airport usually has more affordable prices than Washington D.C. and Richmond. There’s also plenty of car rental shops, hotels, and restaurants near the airport, so it’ll be easy for you to join us from anywhere in the world.



The school will be offering the first classes sometime in 2018, so we’re still ironing out some details. But here are some specifics to think about:

  • Class registration will all be conveniently handled online
  • Most classes will start at 9:00 am, so students should plan on driving up early or arriving at their hotel the night before (book your hotels early).
  • To allow students to make more progress on their projects, lunch will be provided out on the farm, and will be included in the price of the classes (rather than driving to restaurants). The lucky classes will get to have some of my hickory-smoked pulled pork barbecue!
  • Each student will have a traditional workbench to work on, and students are welcome to bring their own sharpened hand tools. But all necessary hand tools will be provided.
  • An extra materials fee will be charged to cover the materials for your project.
  • Classes will generally end around 5:00 pm, after which students are encouraged to join each other for dinner & socializing at one of many nearby restaurants (10+ minutes away). The historic downtown Charlottesville area is known for it’s amazing local restaurants, with local ingredients.
  • Students are welcome to walk around our farm and learn a bit about beekeeping, gardening, sheep, chickens, and pigs.


If you want to see the progress of turning a huge RV garage into my dream workshop school, you can see it here, along with some photos. Or here’s the video playlist:


I finished the workshop school just prior to a 2-foot blanket of beautiful snow fell on the farm..but the wood stove has kept it toasty warm.


Here’s the workshop in film studio mode:



Here’s a few more fun photos of the new traditional woodworking school:



Close to the large door of the workshop I have the basic power tools to help me out with preparing boards for class projects:





I designed this vertical lumber storage rack to take advantage of the tall 14-foot ceilings:





I hope you can join us at the new Wood and Shop Traditional Woodworking School!

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