Stanley 71 router plane with Lie-Nielsen router plane Bill Anderson at Roy Underhill's Woodwright's School

In these three videos Bill Anderson will teach you all about the mystical router plane! You’ll learn about router planes & how to buy them, then how to refurbish & sharpen them, and finally how to use a router plane to make a dado joint, for shelves, and to trim tenons for a more accurate mortise and tenon joints.

And click here to check out Bill’s upcoming 2019 classes here in Earlysville, Virginia!

VIDEO #1: Learn about Antique Woodworking Router Planes with Bill Anderson

In this video Bill Anderson introduces students to router planes: what they’re used for, different types of router planes, and what to look for when you are buying an antique router plane or a new router plane.

VIDEO #2: How to Rehab & Sharpen Antique Router Planes with Bill Anderson

In this video Bill Anderson shows how to rehabilitate antique router planes, and how to sharpen the abnormally shaped router plane cutters.

VIDEO #3: Make a Dado Joint & Trim Tenons Using a Router Plane with Bill Anderson

In this final video Bill Anderson shows how to adjust and use a router plane. He also shows how to use a router plane, marking tools, a back saw, and chisel to cut a fast and accurate dado joint, for use when building shelves. Bill also shows an ingenious method using a router plane to trim tenons for accurate mortise & tenon joints.

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