VIDEO: Hand Cut Dovetails Part 12: Remove the Pin Waste

//VIDEO: Hand Cut Dovetails Part 12: Remove the Pin Waste

VIDEO 12/15 of Joshua Farnsworth’s free hand cut dovetail video series shows how to remove the pin waste using a coping saw, chisel, and wooden mallet.

This is a very detailed tutorial designed to teach beginners how to become expert at dovetailing by hand. It is offered as a free resource to encourage the revival of traditional woodworking.


This detailed video series was inspired by a 5 day class that I took from Roy Underhill and Bill Anderson: world-renowned experts on traditional woodworking with hand tools.

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Shortcuts to Dovetail Videos 1-15:



About the Author:

Joshua loves mixing his passion for traditional hand tool woodworking with his ability to teach in a simple manner. He lives on a small farm in Earlysville, Virginia with his wife and four children, and builds furniture in his workshop / woodworking school.

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Jorge G

As I told Joshua in another Forum I am not too happy with him, he could have saved me a lot of money and grief if he had done this series a few years ago… :-)

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