In the above video I answer the popular question: “How should you set your hand plane on your woodworking workbench? On the plane’s side? Or on it’s sole?”


I’m actually quite tired of hearing this debate from my followers, so awhile ago I took a poll of quite a few famous traditional woodworkers who use handplanes regularly. What did I discover? They, just like the millions of commenters online, also disagree with each other!

Proponents of the “plane down” theory are adamant that placing the hand plane downward will protect the freshly honed iron (blade), and that a workbench should get scuffed up anyway.

Proponents of the “plane on its side” theory argue that the hand plane’s iron will get dulled by the workbench, and also that the workbench’s nice top should be protected from dings and scratches.

What’s my view? I do both. Why? Because I don’t care one way or another. There are better things to worry about…like how to scratch up some more money to buy more tools. I don’t even think about it, and do both ways, and have never noticed a problem with the irons getting dull or the workbench getting dinged (not that I care about that anyway).


Do you think it really matters how to set down your hand plane? If so, please feel free to respectfully comment below…

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