In this awesome video my good friend Bill Anderson shares a detailed tutorial on how to adjust and use beautiful antique moulding planes, and he shares it inside Roy Underhill’s scenic Woodwright’s School.


This video is a 21 minute free excerpt of my 2-Disc DVD “Choosing, Refurbishing & Using Moulding Planes with Bill Anderson” (buy it here).


The above video excerpt shows an incredible amount about using molding planes, but there’s more! The 4.5 hour DVD (and digital download version) teaches woodworkers of all levels:

  • Moulding plane anatomy and how to choose and buy the best
  • The differences between dedicated moulding planes, hollows & rounds, beaders & scratch stock and cleanup planes
  • How to refurbish a moulding plane, from blade, to wedge and even how to replace damaged boxing
  • The steps to lay out and create an Ovolo and Ogee profile with antique hollows & rounds planes
  • Much more!


I learned an incredible amount and absolutely fell in love with moulding planes while directing, filming, & editing this video with Bill.

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