How to Woodwork in the Dark?

//How to Woodwork in the Dark?

What happens to modern woodworkers if their power goes out? Most power tool woodworkers will have to twiddle their thumbs next to a plastic flashlight. But not traditional woodworkers! Last night a Virginia storm knocked out our electricity, but I didn’t have to stop woodworking! See my above VIDEO.


I was able to continue working on my mortise and tenon picture frame, just like my ancestors would have done. Not only are hand tools safer, quieter, and more portable, but they can be used “off the grid”!

Even if you’re  not keen on abandoning power tools, at least get the basic hand tools so you’ll always be able to feed your woodworking addiction (see the basic hand tool list here).

What do you do when the power goes out?




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"I'm wildly passionate about traditional woodworking with hand tools, and want to rekindle this lost art. At WoodAndShop I teach you the skills that I learn, and also share anything fascinating that I discover about traditional woodworking. That includes tours of traditional workshops, beautiful furniture, and my favorite tools and books. I hope you enjoy my videos, photos, and articles. Please feel free to leave constructive comments!"

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Nice video on working in the power outage! Great concept to think about with power tools. It’s awesome to be self sustained even without the modern amenities! I always thought it would be cool to build a small cabin way out somewhere off grid and still be able to build wonderful things in woodworking. The is for the video josh, you are the man!


Thanks for the video*


Power goes out in the daytime too and many power woodworkers are out of luck and are potentially losing income if this is their trade. I’m enjoying your videos, keep up the good work!


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