Dvd Cover Of Building An 18Th Century Panel Saw With Tom Calisto Saws On A Workbench

 Thank you for your purchase of the DVD or Digital Download of “Building an 18th Century Panel Saw with Tom Calisto“. If you haven’t purchased it, you can find the DVD here and the HD Digital download here. Below you’ll find some links for purchase of parts and templates:
Windward Woodworks– saw kits (Tom Calisto’s site)
Blackburn tools– saw kits and templates
Two Guys in a Garage–  saw kits and templates
Bontz Saw Works– Saw parts
Winsor Saw– Saw parts
Tom Calisto suggested that those who are making this reproduction Kenyon panel saw may enjoy reading “The Tool Chest of Benjamin Seaton 1797” by Jane Rees. You can buy this book at the following online stores:

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