In this video Dave Heller shares a detailed tutorial on making fancy London-style dovetails with a mitered corner. The London-style dovetail originated in, well, London where cabinetmakers sought to show off their joinery skills by cutting the finest pins possible.

Dave Heller Mitered Dovetails London Style

Adding a miter to dovetails is very useful for wrapping a dovetailed skirt around a tool chest, or for adding embellishment to a cupboard’s carcass.

Mitered Dovetail Skirt On A Tool Chest

In the very near future I’ll be releasing the last video, where Dave Heller shares an introduction to wood veneering and wood inlay. Make sure you’re subscribed to our free newsletter (below), so you’ll be notified when these tutorials are released. Want to take a class with Dave? Well, the 2 day class, “Introduction to Veneering and Wood Inlay with Dave Heller” is now added to the 2019 class schedule, which is now up on our school page, here!

Dave Heller Holding Two Veneered And Inlaid Chess Boards

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