By Joshua Farnsworth

In the above video, wooden bowl and spoon maker Mike Cundall talks about which hand tools are needed for green woodworking generally, and also for bowl carving and spoon carving. He also shares some of his beautifully carved wooden spoons and bowls.

Portrait of Mike Cundall, who teaches wooden bowl carving and spoon carving

Mike is one of our newest instructors at the Wood and Shop Traditional Woodworking School, and he’ll be teaching two classes this year:

Mike Cundall demonstrating two wooden bowls and spoons that he made

Mike Cundall builds furniture, and carves his lovely wooden bowls & spoons out of his home workshop in North Carolina. He is also a professor of philosophy at the University of North Carolina A&T.

Carved wooden spoon sitting inside two carved wooden bowls, made by Mike Cundall

In addition to teaching bowl and spoon carving at our school, he teaches the same subject at the John C. Campbell Folk School. He loves hanging out with his wife and three sons, and practicing the Japanese martial art of Aikido. He’s a zen kind of guy, all around!

Green woodworking tools for carving bowls and spoons, sitting on a woodworking workbench, including a bowl adze, carving gouge, hook knife, axe, and drawknife

Below is a short list of hand tools that Mike specifically uses for wooden bowl carving and spoon carving. If you want a full list of tools used for green woodworking in general, please visit our updated Green Woodworking Tool Buyer’s Guide, here. It shares advice on what each tool is used for, what features to look for, and where to buy the tools. And we share some of Mike’s valued and detailed advice on tools used for bowl and spoon carving. But this is a blog post, so we’ll keep it short here.

Mike Cundall carving a wooden spoon with a hook knife, or spoon knife or crook knife

Tools for Bowl Carving

  • Short bowl carving adze (also called a “Gutter Adze”)
  • Hook knife
  • Carving knife (like a Slöjd Knife)
  • Carving axe/hatchet
  • Carving gouge (#7 sweep long bent gouge…between 25mm and 35mm)
  • Spoke shave

Tools for Spoon Carving

  • Hook knife
  • Carving knife (like a Slöjd Knife)
  • Carving axe/hatchet

We hope you can come join Mike for one of his classes, and please comment below to let Mike know what you think of his work!

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