By Joshua Farnsworth

In the above video I introduce a cool new table saw accessory that SawStop sent to me: the SawStop Folding Outfeed Table. I used to use a large wooden outfeed table in my former workshop, back when I didn’t need my woodworking machines to be mobile. But since remodeling & moving into my new dream workshop (and starting my woodworking school), I’ve meant to build a wooden folding outfeed table, so I could fold the table out of the way when classes were being held. But I just haven’t had time, so I’ve made do with an inferior alternative: using roller stands like this:

Joshua Farnsworth Ripping A Board On A Sawstop Table Saw

While they work, roller stands can be a pain in the butt. Especially when ripping long and heavy boards. And they don’t work very well to support my cross cut sled when it extends over the edge of the table saw. An outfeed table works much, much better. Especially when ripping long & heavy boards, cutting sheet good, and using a cross cut sled.

Joshua Farnsworth Cross Cutting A Board On A Sawstop Cabinet Saw With A Sawstop Folding Outfeed Table And A Cross Cut Sled

So I was excited to receive this sturdy metal outfeed table in the mail a few weeks ago. And since I know how much everyone hates trying to decipher assembly instructions (although SawStop’s are much better than any others), I thought I’d film the process to aid anyone out there who plans on buying & assembling their own folding outfeed table.

Joshua Farnsworth Assembling A Sawstop Folding Outfeed Table

These instructions are for my specific SawStop table saw model & accessories (see my model here), so you should still refer to your user manual for any variations for your model. But I think my video will be a nice visual reference regardless of your model of SawStop table saw.

Joshua Farnsworth Ripping A Board On A Sawstop Cabinet Saw With A Sawstop Folding Outfeed Table

As you can see here, this folding outfeed table has a very low profile when it is folded down:

Joshua Farnsworth Folding Down A Newly Assembled Sawstop Folding Outfeed Table On His Sawstop Cabinet Saw

Why Did I Buy a SawStop Table Saw?

About 5 years ago I bought a SawStop cabinet saw, and I did it primarily for safety reasons. In case you don’t know, SawStop table saws have a patented technology to stop the saw blade, in a fraction of a second, if it detects flesh (or a hot dog…). This was one of the few tools that my wife supported me in buying. She was supportive because a close friend told us how his neighbor (an experienced woodworker) had lost several fingers in a table saw accident.

Saw Stop Cabinet Table Saw 3 Horse Power

But I also feel that SawStop table saws are one of the most well made and best engineered table saws on the market. You can read my table saw buyer’s guide page (here) for more details about the SawStop cabinet saws, and you may also enjoy watching this video that the Discovery Channel did on the SawStop table saw technology: