My Dream Woodworking Workshop (part 1)

//My Dream Woodworking Workshop (part 1)

I’m finally renovating my dream woodworking workshop! Last week my wife and I moved into our new home in the countryside. Not only does it sit on 6 acres of pretty farmland & woods, but it has a huge 25’x40′ garage that was built for a RV motor home! I needed a new workshop/film studio, and was looking for a property with something to meet my needs, but I never thought I’d find a place this huge!


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The workshop definitely needs some work. The previous owner left a huge mess, so cleanup was the first priority. You would have loved seeing me all suited up in a beekeeping suit while spraying all the wasp nests!

The roof never got soffit, facia, or rake boards put on, so that’s happening tomorrow. I’ve been working on installing some extra electrical boxes, insulating the 2×6 frames, and hanging drywall. In a couple weeks I’ll be trimming out the windows & door and bringing in a wood stove.


My goal is to give the workshop an 18th century feel, with a few modern touches in the back. This will be a great place for not only building furniture and filming woodworking videos, but I have plans to offer classes taught by some amazing traditional woodworkers…stay tuned!





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Joshua loves mixing his passion for traditional hand tool woodworking with his ability to teach in a simple manner. He lives on a small farm in Earlysville, Virginia with his wife and four children, and builds furniture in his workshop / woodworking school.

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What an awesome space and I’m sure it is going to be a great shop. But I think you are going to be disappointed with the performance of your insulation. All those gaps between the framing and the insulation will significantly reduce the effectiveness and the tears in the paper backing effectively negate it as a moisture barrier. Please take this as constructive criticism as I would hate to see you to to all the effort and expenses it will take to finish off your shop and end up with less than satisfactory results.


Congrats on the new home! I know the feeling of finding a place that will suit your dreams, not just your needs. I bet you’re having an awesome time setting up the area for woodworking. Doesn’t even feel like work.


Congrats on the new home and shop. That is going to be an awesome place to produce videos and instruct. I hope I can attend a class there sometime. Keep us up to date on the progress.


Nice space, I’m not jealous, well maybe just a little!!


Nice start on the workshop. Built like a brick ….. I just completed my own shop and had fluorescent T5 lighting installed. I was pleasantly surprised how bright they made the shop. If you are undecided on lighting, I would urge you to consider it.


Did you say what you did with the floor of the shop?

Moving to Charlottesville area soon and hope to be able to visit your school in the near future.

Ben Banks

Wonderful space!

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