Since the first video that I did on my workshop remodel (here) I’ve made some real progress!


I cut & installed about twenty 36 foot rolls of R-19 insulation (for 2×6 walls), cut & hung about 52 sheets of drywall, and started installing the battens. So far the most time consuming part of the remodel has been trimming drywall to fit around the many, many electrical outlets and windows. This before photo shows what I had to work with:

To hang the upper level of drywall I made my own scaffolding using a 2×12 piece of construction lumber and these really cool Werner multi-position ladders. These ladders have been amazing because they flip into many different positions and have allowed me to do all this work on my own. I rented a drywall lift to get the sheets up to a manageable position:


To prevent broken ankles I dusted off my old rock climbing gear and tied into the rafters:


And yes, I quite often wear these ugly orange basketball shorts when I’m doing dirty work:


I hired some guys to close off the roof by building soffit & fascia to prevent the wasps & birds from returning. Why didn’t the original builder finish off the roof? That’s still a mystery to me.


In the next video & article you’ll see the battens go on the walls, and the wood stove get installed…almost there!


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