Woodworking Hand Tools

Woodworking videos and articles about how to use many types of woodworking hand tools, like dovetail saws, hand planes, chisels, spokeshaves, axes, and more. These articles cover which woodworking hand tools you’ll need, how to use woodworking hand tools, how to care for woodworking hand tools, and history & learning about traditional hand tool woodworking.

Amazing Moravian Workbench Tour

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Amazing Moravian Workbench Tour See the features of this unique and historical portable workbench   By Joshua Farnsworth  |  Published 05 September, 2023

Amazing Moravian Workbench Tour2023-09-05T15:13:40-04:00

Anatomy of a Log

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Anatomy of a Log Understanding Wood Anatomy Helps You Get the Best Lumber   By Joshua Farnsworth  |  Published 07 June, 2023

Anatomy of a Log2023-06-12T17:19:51-04:00

How to Restore an Antique Back Saw

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How to Restore an Antique Back Saw A guide on understanding hand saws, and how to properly and carefully restore a vintage backsaw for use in your workshop

How to Restore an Antique Back Saw2024-02-07T16:28:54-05:00
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